• Catharine Wright

10 Startup Business Ideas With No Money

If you are searching for 10 Startup Business Ideas With No Money then you are on right destination. I have list down best possible business ideas which helps you to start your next business with no money but use of efforts, skill and knowledge.

The ability to start up a personal business and achieve much success is what everyone craves for. Nevertheless, certain hindrances like deficient inspiration and insufficient time to think out the business plan may stop you from starting up a business. Another great challenge people face in starting up a business of their own is the lack of sufficient funds.

Have you ever wondered if you could start a business with little or no cash? Or do you wish to start a business of your own but have no fund?

No need to be anxious at all, here is good news for you.

You really need to know that there are several business ideas that you can lay your hands on that needs no capital. With these wonderful business ideas stated in this article, having insufficient capital should no longer be an excuse for not being able to start that dream business of yours.

Here are some principles that need to be followed in order to successfully achieve that business dream of yours.

Some brands that started with almost nothing:

Engaging in business ideas with no money looks hard to believe right? The following are some brands that started with almost nothing but now they have great value in the society.

  • Dell: Michael Dell started out his business by washing dishes; he was making a whopping $2.30 per hour. Later, Dell started selling PC out of his college dorm.

  • Nike: Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman are the founders of Nike; they started by selling training shoes from their car trunk.

  • Apple, Harley Davidson, Disney, Hewlett-Packard, Mattel, Lotus Cars, Google, Yankee Candle Company all started in garages.

The above-stated information points out to no money startup business ideas that were done by great companies today. You too can engage in one, but you need to read further to learn more!

Business ideas that cost no money:

We have stated some hindrances related to starting up a business, which was lack of ideas, and lack of funds or capital. In this segment, we will be taking a detailed look at some business ideas that will cost you no fortune.

1) Creating Blogs:

Well, we are in great support of you starting up your own monetized blog. On the other hand, it becomes slightly tricky when you’re trying to do it for free. But there are two choices for you to get started.

WordPress can be used as an option or a commercial-free platform (Blogger). Both WordPress and blogger have related features concerning functionality and design, and also, both can be monetized, but it is only through their individual ad networks. This implies that your blog can be monetized but it’s only possible by using WordAds or Blogger’s Adsense ads, as long as you’re in compliance with their terms and they allow affiliate marketing on their free platform. The free platform limits earning possibilities, but it actually gives you the initial basis for attracting an audience. when those sums of money start rolling in, without difficulty, you can transfer your blog over to a paid version of WordPress. With this, you will be able to exploit your blog for maximum gain and begin to make cool money from it.  To conclude, blogging is one of the wonderful no money startup business ideas that you can go into.

2) Making of Chatbots:

Making of Chatbots is another way feature of startup business ideas with no money.  Do you know that as at ten years ago almost every company wanted a website?

As at five years ago, almost all the relevant companies wanted an application. At this present time, most companies have already started to embrace messaging with chatbots. That is has provided another business opportunity for a lot of people.

You ask how?

All you have to do is just to learn the making of chatbots. You can actually learn that for free without coding for companies. You need to know that messaging with chatbots is now a trend and it has gotten to the point where all significant companies need it. Chatbots is of great advantage to companies due to the fact that it enables you to meet with different customers, improves marketing, gathers data, and develops customer care efforts. Making of chatbots is a business that can easily be done without needing funds. In essence, you can start making chatbot as a business of your own.

All you need to do is:

  • Study well on bots and their functions

  • Create an account

  • You find out about the company who wants a chatbot

  • Create their bots through

  • You can then launch it through Facebook Messenger

Here are functions of chatbox;

  • It works with Facebook Messenger and comments

  • It push promotions to customers on demand

  • It recognizes variations on triggered words

  • It can also process orders from Facebook

  • It works fine with all the payment processing platforms.

3) Marketing service:

Marketing is another lucrative business and it is also one of the no money startup business ideas, that you need to know about. Marketing is a business that engages a certain set of people with a particular level of basic knowledge on marketing. However, if you are not experienced and do not meet the requirements, you can always enroll in an online course. This online course is always cheap and affordable and it will also equip you with the adequate tools to start up a solo digital marketing agency.

If you have basic knowledge on market, then no need to enroll in any course. I will like you to understand that there are loads of new marketing fields which are opened up already. Presently, many companies are in search of freelancers who can offer marketing copy that is of search engine optimization (SEO) and can convert website guests into leads and finally make them customers.

Lastly on this note, an optimized copy can be provided, it can possibly be uploaded in the content to the website and advance the SEO further with:

  • Meta descriptions

  • The right titles

  • Accurate keyword density

  • Tags and categories

  • Appropriate images with SEO captions and alt tags.

4) Child Care Business:

Over the years, It has been noticed that many people enjoy babysitting. If you don’t know, child care is another interesting business idea that can be ventured into. It is an undemanding means of making money; as you will agree with me that child care cost you no capital and it is obvious that you won’t have to spend any money on advertising your services.

Let me enlighten you about the childcare advertisement, most clients would definitely come from personal referrals from associates, you can even advertise your child care services on the local bulletin board at church or you inform your church pastor

You can always create wealth by rendering your services as a babysitter, nanny, or elderly caretaker. Gathering up some positive referrals from friends and family members isn’t a big deal and from there you can spread the good word that you are ready for business.

Social media is also a reliable place to advertise you babysitting services; social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are a great platform to promote your business. In addition, you can check out intermediary platforms like Care.com, Task Rabbit, and SitterCity. They connect caretakers with caregivers, once you are connected with an employment on any of these platforms little fee will be deducted from the total transaction fee.

I believe you can now realize that it is possible to startup business ideas with no money. All you need to do here is to personally hook up with neighbors, friends, and family and make sure they are aware of your services.

5) Digital Earning:

The Internet is a great asset in this century, especially when you know how to utilize it and we are very fortunate to have it now; that is why we need to maximize its function by using it to startup business ideas with no money.

Digital learning is a system that revolves around effecting Internet offers, allocating offers in the midst of associates, using smartphone apps, testing websites, completing, watching videos, surveys, and clipping. Although, you might not get wealthy by just completing digital offers, however, it’s a brilliant way of getting constant cash and it will supplement some other moneymaking efforts you are making. Regarding the digital learning opportunities, you need to be aware of the following information.

CashCrate is an online platform where you can start earning money by completing offers, watching videos, taking surveys, etc. Check or PayPal is the platform to get paid via CashCate. You will be offered $1 just for signing up for an account.

FusionCash is an online system that allows you to make money from taking surveys, watching videos and the likes. The moment you Sign up, you earn $5.00 for joining immediately. In addition to this, most of the bids pay about $25 to $30 per offer, and the payments are always made via PayPal, check, or direct deposit once your account reaches a $25threshold. Furthermore, various offers do require credit card number, you might not want to give that information out, and so you just stick to the offers which display the No icon. The InboxDollars permits cash earning for surveys, playing games, reading emails, redeeming coupons, shopping online, and searching the web.

Membership on InboxDollar is also free and there is a reward of $5.00 for signing up. Payments are constantly made via check. Swagbucks is another an online platform which gives allowance to earn points called SB, that point can be exchanged for gift cards and coupons. The SB points can be earned by answering questions, watching videos, shopping online and playing games. When you refer associates, you will earn more SB points. Membership on Swagbucks also offers you a $5 bonus for signing up and your redeemed gift can be gotten from PayPal, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks.

6) Fashion Designing:

Providing fashion designing services is also great business. It is also part of no money startup business ideas. It cost you nothing rather than your skills and knowledge in fashion designing, and people will definitely pay you and respect you for that skill. Naturally, fashion designing is a fascinating work, and several people are born fashion designers, but they only consider it as a hobby. They never thought of making money out of it.

Are you aware of the fact that fashion designing is one of the top profiting businesses? This is because clothing is an important factor in human life.

Regarding Fashion designing, all you need is just to improve your skills, gather more knowledge, be updated and then promote your service with your mouth.  Concerning the advertisement; don’t ever think that it’s a big deal, in fact, cost you no cash. All you need to do here is to personally inform your neighbors, associates, and families about your services. Word spreads fast when you provide a reliable service at a competitive price. In no time you will be a popular fashion designer with a well-established company.

Lastly, internet (social media) will even help boost your customer; in as much you are offering quality and the best services.

7) Social Media Consultant:

It is agreeable that social media is generally acceptable and its popularity has grown so wide. If I may ask, is there anyone who doesn’t like social media at all?

Of course, the majority does like social media.

Therefore, it is very wise to take advantage of it and use it to startup business ideas with no money. Do you know that social media is a business that has unrestricted prospective in terms of the client?

It is obvious that this trend is doubtful to expire soon, even if it does, new platforms are always being released yearly, which makes the potential for expansion unlimited. Social media management tools can constantly be used to make your job easy. Twitter and Google, along with other platforms, offer full professional courses with recognized certifications that require little or no money.

8) Offering a Bookkeeping Services:

Another easy way to own a business with no cost is through bookkeeping services. To those who have great skills with numbers, to become a self-employed bookkeeper is easy because you are not required to be a Certified Public Accountant, been good with numbers is all you need.

Do you know that there are lots of free online invoicing tools which can be used, such as Sighted.comand also online payments tools like Due.com? Services you can offer include:

  • Providing income statements

  • Creating balance sheets

  • Creating various monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports

Isn’t this good news? That you can startup business ideas with no money at your comfort zone?

9) Reviewing business:

Most companies today have a great need for people that can review their product and also persuade others to buy the product. You can start this business either by approaching companies directly or by getting a profile on freelancing. You can have your own website or blog, where you would be able to write comprehensive posts about their products and services, this particular method enables you to request for more money. This kind of business is a stress-free business; it is one of the no money startup business ideas.

10) Graphic Designing services:

Lastly, we will be taking a look at graphic designing as part of no money startup business ideas. If you don’t know, there are so many companies and organizations that are in search of branding that will promote them and publicize what they do. Most times, all you will need to get the business started is a computer and designing applications such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW or Illustrator. The following are the services you offer as a graphics designer,

  • Creation of Logos

  • Designing of Fliers

  • Magazines

  • Newsletters

  • Letters head design

  • Information sheets.

There are no doubts that it uncertain to start a business idea with no money. No money startup business ideas require great planning. You also need the passion to keep the dream burning. However, by following the business ideas in this article, thinking about a capital to start up something should no longer be an excuse. Therefore, utilize any of these business ideas because your success depends totally on you.