15 Things Your Boss Wishes You Know About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship requires real efforts to make a dream come true and to mark a position in the market. The prerequisites make it even more crucial to be a part of. Being an entrepreneur does not only involve you in the operations of your business but actually calls you for the structuring of the setup or mediums through which you are going to take out the best of your functions. Entrepreneurship is looking in multiple directions and putting forward the efforts at the same time. Means you need to supervise and collectively think beyond the limits to exaggerate to upgrade and enhance the level of your business. You not only need to think out of the box but have to maintain co-working with the staff and team while supervising them and pointing out all the flaws. These flaws can only be shifted to an effective outcome by the entrepreneur. As he/she is the only one who actually pins out what the public will not like and comes up with ideas which are fascinating yet new. The team, however, does the same. They suggest but they have a major part in implementing what they are commanded to.

The entrepreneur, however, makes sure that the team members get his/her idea properly. They follow what he/she says and most significant of all, they get the essence of the business and what their boss requires from them. If not, not only the entrepreneur but the business as a whole suffers thoroughly. The team’s negligence is most likely to happen. If not the team, any individual form the team commits any mistake, the entrepreneur regardless of whatever has happened should move forward to resolve. To rectify it, the entrepreneur should always be aware of the second option or plan B. Because that’s how it works. Negotiations are in fact the best option. Whereas, letting your employees learning through committing mistakes can only ignore to a level where it does not makes the entrepreneur have penalties or any fines due.

There are very primary things all the entrepreneurs want to make their employees know before they come up to be a part of the entrepreneurial activity or set up. These are jotted down as,


You are somehow a part of the organization or the entrepreneurial set up only because you agreed and now you should have a will to learn. If you are not found to be a productive part of the set up than it ultimately evaluates the performance to be nil. Willingness is always reflective in the tries. When you come up with a thing again with some enhancements you actually present your growth of skills. When you self-caught or you learn from someone’s words, experiences or gestures, BUT YOU DO TRY. That is how it works. Negligence, daunting and demotivating never works.

2-Strong Ethical/Behavioural Conduct

Every human commits errors. The beings possess flaws and they are frequently judged for it. We have to portray ourselves to be stronger, observationally better, secure, gentle and sophisticated in order to detach ourselves with the tags the word bestows us with. The opinions need to be shut by the incredible behavioral conduct that every being should possess.

Honesty reputes the person to be the best ethically and morally. Whereas being respectful to the elders is a big YES to willingness to learn and groom. The prerequisite for any kind of job or service requires you to be accepting of what your boss commands you (obviously in professional and legal boundaries) and it probably describes how efficient you can be. When you follow instructions, say yes to them, make efforts and stay positive, you are most likely to have the strongest yet rational most existence in the organization.

Human demands respect. Being disrespectful is never the answer to anything. Rather it is now less tolerant and conscious you do. It is the fluctuating temperament and non-seriousness to learn and grow. Supervisors are sometimes meant to challenge your inner capabilities by questioning you the harsh and rude way possible. The answer to that should be the efforts to make the challenging work done smartly. Supervisor, however, needs to avoid being extra harsh and possessive about the work, if the employer puts all of his/her efforts.


The entrepreneur always makes sure to let the employee learn all the skills and all the tactics from him/her or from the team gathering. He lets you be aware of the technology and the work process so that you fulfill the tasks given to you and he can evaluate the difference between the previous and present growth. The entrepreneur thus makes you aware of the thing so you can combine all the efforts together and work harder. Even when things do not go accordingly and you witness shifts, still, you need to show your boss how committed and dedicated you are throughways. You should be undoubtedly punctual, energetic, thinking out of the box, follow up with the instructions properly to grab the attention of your boss.

Serious dedication towards your job not only provides you with the best of the benefits but also it incorporates in you to strive harder to attain better. It tells you your capacity and the pace with which you grow professionally. Dedication is a key to success and one of the vital fundamentals of being under any entrepreneurial setup.


Professionalism is the main ingredient to become the best employee. The entrepreneur is filled with duties which need his/her contribution in different spaces. So he/she needs to make sure everything around is falling into place. Whereas when it comes to excuses the employees come up with, the entrepreneur somehow acts harshly on them. Which is quite prominent honestly. The burden that the entrepreneur already has is added up to be more and that is all because of the excuses the employees come up with. The tasks given to you should be regularly summed up properly. They should be followed and implemented within the professional boundaries. Every suitable and wise conduct should be chosen to act up in the employ and performing purposeful/deliberate misconducts should be thoroughly condemned and avoided. The businessperson makes sure that the vicinity in which they perform their business activities have employees who are following all the rules and keeping up with the legal implementations as well.

5-Being efficient

The entrepreneur is all alone and when he/she looks for the team members, he/she will definitely opt the ones who have a better understanding to be efficient or productive. If the impresario looks for an individual to add to the team, he/she will be looking for the one who is totally aware of the efficient behavior that is mandatory in the field. The behavior requires you to be utilizing fewer resources and to be the maximum productive when it comes to showing your efficient behavior. You need to dig out the majority of outcomes from the least you are provided with and that is where you are evaluated for your efficient behavior.

The efficient behavior is a savior and a cure for all the flaws that your entrepreneur spots in you. You as an employee should avail what you have without regretting and think about ways you can be extra efficient. Generating a good outcome out of the small investment is what actually investment is. Whereas the entrepreneur needs you to be extra efficient because he can not avail risks when he is paying you to avoid them. So obviously if you are paid to do something you need correct that. So you have to utilize the least to gain the maximum.

6-Think out of the box

The entrepreneur that you are working with is holding one’s own business because he/she has taken an initiative which is basically creative and distinct from ordinarily available things. When he/she comes up with such diverse ideas so he/she makes sure that the people working under also follow the same tradition of thinking beyond limits. He/she looks for the innovativeness that can not only make the product or service to be used by all but to have a good word of mouth around as well. Impresario does not only needs to increase the earnings only but also will make sure that the business wides up and grows internationally too. Thus, for that mainstream implementation of ideas would be the silliest of thing as people love to consider a change if the niche is properly identified. So employees with concepts that no one puts a light on are important and considered the most by the entrepreneur.


The entrepreneur hires the team members not only for the task distribution but also to make sure that their brand delivers quick-fix solutions and for that team help is mandatory. The team is also referred to as the back end as it assures everything is going well and if not so, the team has to indulge together to dig out options to adapt to escape any mishandling or failures. The amalgamation of quiet all the options maps out how they are going to achieve the plan. Charting out helps to dig out further intricacies which are involved. Obviously, there is a big amount of money involved in initiating the business, so the impresario will never let any malfunctions occur. Regardless, if the employee does not act vigilant and spontaneous, he/she would not be that acceptable to the entrepreneur.


Communication is the tool to step forward. You need to interact and socialize as much as you can so you can take many steps forward. Your career building, whatever it may be, needs socializing and interaction. It does not necessarily ask for your opinion but it has places where it requires your contribution or maybe a little portion of your involvement to let people know that you can be pretty vocal at the times when it needs you to be. Sufficient requirement of your ideas should also be fulfilled because that is where your personality is evaluated. Communicating makes it easier for the employee and the boss to negotiate and relate things. It lets the entrepreneur know the growth rate and he/she will easily pick out the flaws. The entrepreneur cannot be the only representation of the entrepreneurial setup but the team members should always be considering it the utmost responsibility to present the business in his absence or presence to the fullest.

The gestures, the body language and the proper use of words are quietly appreciating and it indicates your ethics towards general interaction. Not only has this but the entrepreneur’s absence marked it for the employee to represent through communicating with the clients or stakeholders very ethically and humbly without offending. The general day to day meeting routines also lets you speak and make yourself heard by everyone. The supervisor provides you to communicate a plenty of times only if you will learn.


An entrepreneur always looks for a candidate who is worthy of presenting him/her self in front of people with all his/her confidence escaping from all the worries that he/she is going to face in the conversation with the clients or with any of the stakeholders. The employee must be confidentially attending all people that he/she is assigned to. Confidence builds more in your personality. It always speaks for itself. A confident candidate is acknowledged by all whereas a candidate who acts under-confident is presenting himself to be not sure about what he/she is going to do and how. The priorities and opinions of the candidate should be literally sorted so that he may be evaluated on the basis of it. Whereas if he/she acts confident, the entrepreneur would definitely hire him because not only he would tackle the unjust or tricky situations wisely and ask for injustices whereas the candidate would be perfect with the answers that he has to give.


The employee must always possess the highest level of loyalty towards the assigned job, his/her peers, supervisor (the one who lets him/her know about the world of business). The loyalty is a commitment to the organization to avoid any fraudulent acts, to follow regular legal patterns while escaping any serious damage to the organization. Loyalty means avoiding any misconducts that may charge the people of the organizations to penalties. Obviously, misfortunes occur. Uncertainties are a part of life but deliberately being involved in any criminal or fraudulent or cheat activities to harm the reputation of the business set up is definitely unacceptable. So an entrepreneur always looks forward to a person who is loyal to him, the organization, and the people near him and to the tasks that he is associated with.

11-Team Involvement

An entrepreneur is assigned to so many tasks that he/she has to look around in all the directions possible. The team, however, has people who are from different backgrounds, different spaces, and different cultures. Acceptability for most of the people in most of the cultures is not sufficient. So the gathering of the team also involves team members rejecting some other team members. There can be possible differences which need to resolve but the entrepreneur has more tasks than just to be a mediator/arbitrator. So he/she looks for a person who will sink into the group of the team member. Who communicates well and spreads out friendly and acceptable atmosphere for others, so that others may also adopt him/her.


The entrepreneur as aforementioned is always indulged in tasks that require his/her attention in multiple spaces, so he/she cannot resolve the differences that take place in his office between the team members. Because entrepreneur certainly is occupied with other important tasks. So he/she not only needs a person who with his/her wisdom, instead of exaggerating the fight resolve it. Ability to sort things out highlights a person’s capability to be listened to and implemented accordingly. The employee must be possessing power in his words or in his actions because that is the only reason he is heard by all and conflicts are resolved this way.

13-Awareness about the ambiance

The employee should be having a good knowledge of where he/she is working or is going to work. The ambiance calls for collectively presenting yourself in the environment properly. That indicates the dress code, the gestures, the body language and the way you communicate. Your boss will definitely require you to be dressed up properly for any of the events or even considering the regular days. You need to show up at the designated time as well to mark an efficient impression on your boss. Whereas the entrepreneur i.e. the boss would definitely require all of his employees to be acting appropriately according to the place.


If an employee believes in doing his homework properly, he/she wins the hearts of the boss. Making efforts to let him believe that you are in the business, will get you towards success. He/she not only will be impressed about the planning that you have done but also you will be automatically provided with more options to adopt if any one of the function fails. You have the best of a chance to be efficient through planning stuff. The entrepreneur requires you to be always spontaneous and that ultimately will happen when you will think big before something happens.


The entrepreneur invests a big amount of money either from his/her own pocket or from the funds that he/she has been busy collecting. So either way business owner cannot opt any employee who has no experience. The entrepreneur would like to avail employees who have been in this field and are learning and growing. Who possess a smart sense of opinion and they know what further steps they have to take.

So concluding the importance of the skills that an employee should possess when he/she works for the entrepreneur, the employee should be courageous, charismatic and willing to learn. He/she should adopt behaviors that are acceptable. Also, not mentioned above is the requirement is the growth, which comes when you upgrade your ideas, you show creativity and innovativeness. So the employee should strictly follow the norms while being opinionated he should be dedicated and suggestive towards the setup.