• Brittany Rathbone

Inside Honest HQ

An Exclusive look inside Jessica Alba's Honest Company Headquarters.

Stairway to Honest

The company's core values are painted in various fonts onto a staircase's risers to keep workers inspired throughout the day.

Sofa So Good

Comfortable, informal seating arrangements—not the orange poufs—allow for easy conversation, which in turn stimulates creativity and a free-flowing exchange of ideas.

Lunch Options

"I wanted our employees to have flexibility in how they use the space," Alba says. This kitchen, for example, is an ideal setting for whipping up a healthy snack or impromptu meetings over a brown-bag lunch.

The Cafeteria

Here, rows of communal tables are a stylish update on the company cafeteria.

Green Is Good

Alba's love of nature and sustainable decor is highlighted in the dining area's vertical succulent garden, which was made with reclaimed wood from shipping pallets.

The Writing's On The Wall

"My goal was to create a working environment that inspires our team," says Alba. In her office, bright colors appear at every turn, and a wall of positive-thinking mantras contributes to the friendly atmosphere.

Warm Welcome

"Because this is my home away from home, I was very involved in the design process," says Alba. To make this reception area feel personal and inviting, Harter incorporated a blend of new furniture—like the peacock-hued sofa—and the actress's own pieces.

Feels Like Home

Instead of imposing artwork, the Honest Company team opted for residential-style gallery walls that highlight the brand's biggest sources of inspiration—children. "They're the reason we created Honest in the first place," says Alba.

Rug Down

The CB2 designers warmed up the building's original concrete flooring with area rugs that coordinate with each room's palette. Two knitted poufs enhance the cozy atmosphere.

Room To Grow

"We sought a building with an open floor plan—or pit, as we like to call it—because it creates a richer culture," says Alba.

Table Talk

To appeal to the senses and further cultivate a residential feel, designers incorporated tactile elements, including a plush area rug and the smooth marble surface on this coffee table.

Being Honest

"I’ve always been a firm believer that functional items don’t have to be boring," says Alba. "I wanted everyday items that reflected who I am as a mom— a modern, fashionable person—and our new office space reflects this fresh, colorful aesthetic. I want people to feel happy, energized, and inspired by our products and the space they work in."

Toy Story

"A toy design company previously occupied the office, so we knew the space had good creative energy," says Alba.

Open Air

"We had to redesign the space to be more functional for our employees and day-to-day office activities," says Alba. "So we removed walls and blackout material from the windows to let in natural light and capture the open feel of our former office. And we removed cubicles and created communal team rows to transform it into an airy, happy space."

Garage Therapy

In place of traditional conference rooms, Alba wanted casual gathering spaces where staffers could kick back, collaborate, and take advantage of the Santa Monica weather. "There’s something so lovely about looking up from my desk to see calming bamboo waving in the breeze," she says.

Game Day

A 3-D game of tic-tac-toe helps stimulate creativity and reinforce a lighthearted mood in meeting areas.

Candy Land

Jars of jellybeans displayed in the office's different staging areas keep spirits high throughout the day. Another nod toward personalization: "We get to know people's music tastes, too," says Alba.

TV Credit

Even the television looks stylish—and pops against the aqua background—when framed with a thin border of natural wood.