• Shane Chenut


It’s common nowadays to see technology so integrated in your life that you may forget what it was like to not have some of it. Now think about all the things you can do on your smartphone that would seem out of a science fiction film around 20 years ago.

Taking pictures? Ordering pizza online? Gambling online? Dating? Business? TV? Movies? You can do all of this from home, cruising in your self-driving car, or while killing time to board a plane.

Here are some of the inventions and innovations that will continue to change our lives in the future.


As fun as it is hitting the tables or the slots and winning big is at the casino, some people prefer not to do all the stuff other than just the gambling. Many would rather hangout in the comfort of their own home while taking their chances online.

When it comes to risking your own cash, wouldn’t you like to be in the clearest and more confident state of mind when playing, or would you rather have an anxiety attack feeling the eyes of other players watching to see if you throw another chip on the pile? That’s the beauty when you play online roulette — you never have to feel that way again.


It’s appearing more and more obvious that the time for sitting down for something on live TV is no longer a viable model for how we view what we like. In 2004, Friends garnered around 52.5 million live viewers for its series finale. In 2018, the popular ABC drama Scandal finished its series with 5.6 million live viewers.  Both shows were huge hits for their times, but one obviously couldn’t come close to competing with past ratings.

People are watching what they want, when they want. Streaming is the future. With Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu dominating the market, it may be time for the once former rulers of TV to take a hint.


As much as we all love waiting in traffic in the morning behind the wheel, wouldn’t it be more constructive to put that time to good use if you could? In the time it takes you to drive to work, your car could be driving you there while you do other things. The stress of trying to get to work on time because you’re late will disappear when you know you have that much more time to get things done on the way.