• Catharine Wright

Weird Business Ideas That Actually Make Money

Complex economic times can inspire many creatures when it comes to new business ideas. For example, when the recession was full, in 2010 the Kaufmann Fund experienced the highest percentage of economic activity in recent decades. But it seems intuitive. Finally, creating a new company is incredibly risky.

According to the Small Business Administration, more than 50% of small businesses in the first five years and companies that do so fail 50% in the next few years. This is not a good opportunity for everyone. But when times are bad, the situation cannot be much worse, especially for people who have lost their jobs and, possibly, even their homes. The opportunity to start a new business is not as risky as otherwise.

In addition, many people who do their work become their only option. Although there are many jobs that are considered “recessive”, for example, sleds, mortars, stones and giants, there are also many crazy and crazy companies that thrive in a low economy environment. These companies can weaken your eyes with disbelief. I know I did it when I found out. Here are some weird business ideas that actually make money.

Bed Bug Barrier:

If you’ve ever had an inn or hotel near your bed, you know how terrible these little mosquitoes are. Well, Tony Abrams made a fortune finding barriers that prevent injuries. Your company, Bed Bug Barriers, creates and sells obstacles that go to bed. These barriers can leave the tiles when they try to go to bed and bite the libido. Do you think he’s crazy? He made this idea to millions.

Renting Chicken:

Some people who are interested in the terraces want to become a canoe. However, it is a big step. What happens if you do not like taking care of chickens? Then they were trapped with a table and several chickens, who do not want to. Here is the Rent-A chicken. This couple in Traverse City, MI offers everything you need to take care of a few chickens in the summer. For $ 250 you can see if you really want to try your chicken. In fact, in Australia, something like Rent-A-Chook.

Here is the situation: you and your friends celebrated all day. Now you are in a terrible umbrella, you are dehydrated and your apartment is destroyed. Think of something to eat, and then clear up this colossal mess, too.

What are you doing? You are a hangover. The two students in Boulder, Colorado, help their hungry clients return to countries where they are as painless as possible. The men come to your house with buffet breakfast and Gatorade. Therefore, they clean all the rooms where the party was held. These include cleaning utensils, pots and pans and the disposal of all beer bottles.

Is this idea too crazy to really work? These guys have already appeared in Forbes magazine, CBS, and in Regis and Kelly’s speech. They have enough work to keep them busy until they want it.

Smashing Place:

Have you ever deliberately destroyed a plate? I mean, when you’re worried or angry, throw the object in the room and look for a real feeling of joy when it hits the wall. It looks good, right? You can also try the stress or irritation of your flight.

Well, here’s the idea of The Smashing Place. This company in Tokyo allows consumers to buy a plate or a cup they choose and press on a concrete wall. You can swear, get up or do something else to relieve stress. I have the feeling that such a company starts in a place like New York.

The Pet Loo:

If you have a pet in the apartment, you know how painful it is when you have a 10-degree mood or maybe you work a long day, and you always have to go home to leave. Or maybe you’re old, and it’s hard to travel a lot and leave the house. For these reasons, Pet Loo was invented. Pet Loo is a square of fake grass that is found in a simple waste collection system where you live at home or at home.

It looks like a small terrace where your dog can break free. Although Pet Loo is located in Australia, similar companies have appeared in the United States. Good idea Undoubtedly, people put talismans on elbows, spoons, balconies and even herbs.

I do this but now I do not:

When Josh Opperman’s boyfriend left him after a three-month commitment, he was crushed. The only thing that remains is a beautiful ring in which he worked so much. However, when he brought the ring to the jeweler to bring him back, he had a terrible shock. They only offered $ 3,500 per ring, so he paid more than $ 10,000. Cotton Then he began to get along with me, now I do not. I know, now I’m not a site that allows people to sell rings of their friends (or other extravagant jewelry) to other users, instead of going to the jeweler. Think of Craigslist for good jewelry. The site was incredibly successful and was shown on CNN, The Today Show, Fox News and The New York Times.

The Winebulance:

Do you remember marriage in Canaan when you have no wine and Jesus became a miracle? The Winebulance team may not be able to perform the same miracle, but it can give you the wine needed to rebuild your group! You can follow the action group in this video on YouTube.

Currently, Winebulance is only available in the UK. Once you are in this area, you can get what you want, what you want. The cost depends on the amount of wine you buy. The more wine you spend, the less you pay for shipping. This company takes wine seriously because it knows how many parts depend on wine. You know what’s wrong, select Wine-One-One!